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Types Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Cause

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carpenter ant on water damaged wood

When most homeowners think of a highly destructive pest that can cause severe structural damage by attacking their home’s structural wood, the pest that comes to most people’s mind first is the termite; and for good reason! Wood consuming termites are certainly the insect that causes the most severe structural damages to properties. However, they aren’t the only sheriff in town so to speak, the carpenter ant ranks a close second behind them, and while they don’t actually eat the wood they are damaging, they do have the ability to cause significant damage to homes and other properties if proper measures aren’t taken to prevent and control them!

The good news when it comes to the damaging carpenter ant is that an infestation is usually discovered faster than a termite infestation which can help to limit their damages. Termites spend their entire lives under the ground or in the piece of wood they are infesting, because of this it can sometimes take property owners weeks, months, or even years to realize their property has been infested. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, are a much more “visible” destructive pest and an infestation is generally most easily identified.

Carpenter ants are a very large brown or reddish colored ant that like other species of ants are seen out in the open both in and around homes foraging for food sources, remember carpenter ants don’t eat the wood, they simply invade structural wood to create tunnels and nesting galleries in. In most cases, carpenter ants have a large main colony outside and then as they forage for food sources find their way inside of homes and will create smaller satellite nests within the structural wood of the home that are close to food sources (kitchen and pantry areas). Carpenter ants are usually attracted to structural wood that has been damaged by water and is decaying, but then as they invade further into your home will begin attacking sound wood as well.

The best way to protect your home from carpenter ants is to put into place one of Sandwich Isle’s Premier Pest plans. Our year-round Premier Pest plans provide the services needed to eliminate any current issues with carpenter ants that you are having in your home and to provide the regular comprehensive home pest control services needed to stop future infestations from damaging carpenter ants and other common household pests. Our Premier Pest Complete plan is our most inclusive plan and will provide the protection you need for your home to protect it from both carpenter ants AND Termites. Never have to worry about wood destroying insects invading your home again by partnering with the pest control experts found at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions! Contact us today to learn more about controlling and eliminating carpenter ants and other insects and pests in and around your Hawaiian home or business!

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