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Types Of Spiders In Hawaii

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black widow spider in hawaii home

It is a well-known fact that Hawaii has a rich natural history and harbors many species of plants and animals native to our state. The beauty of our corner of the world is what attracts so many visitors and folks looking to settle here every year. Living alongside the nature that brought people here is wonderful just as long as it stays outside. Often, people and nature do not mix well. Such is the case with the number of spiders that live on our islands.

Hawaii is home to several species of spider. Any of which may find their way into you home or building. Mostly they are looking for the same things that we all look for in a home. Somewhere where they can find shelter, easy access to food, and access to water. If you are a spider, it is easy enough to find your way inside and setup camp. Spiders can be innocent enough but there are very few people around who want to see them crawling across the ceiling or dangling from a strand of silk above their heads. Many people are completely terrified and let’s face it, this is Hawaii, so there are a few things to be fearful about, this is Paradise after all. Below are some of the typical spiders that Hawaiians may run across in or around their homes.

American House Spider

This spider is typical in millions of homes across the world. These spiders are generally on the smaller side and dark in color. Thankfully, as one of the most common spiders in the world, it is not a danger to humans. However, the American house spider will leave behind their egg sacs which will lead to a full-blown infestation inside the home rather quickly.

Garden Spider

The garden spider isn’t typically found inside, though one may end up there accidentally. These large yellow and black spiders tend to spin large webs outside near gardens because their main food is other insects who feed there. Despite their size, these spiders are not a threat to people.

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is one of the species of spiders that are considered to be a threat to people. They tend to hide in out of the way places, unfortunately, this can easily be your home. A bite from the brown recluse can cause serious blistering and eventual necrosis around the wound so it is essential to see a medical professional if you suspect a bite. This spider is identified by its violin shaped marking on its abdomen. They are generally light brown in color and can grow to be an inch in length including its long legs.

Black Widow Spiders

The black widow is another spider that you do not want to run into but is quite common to our islands. Though they are rarely seen due to their shy nature, it is important to know what you are looking at when you encounter one. These spiders, like the brown recluse spider, are venomous and can be a threat to people who get bit. Their bite can lead to intense localized pain, chest pain, fainting, abdominal pain and vomiting. The black widow is a medium-sized black spider with a tell-tale deep red, hour glass marking on its abdomen.

Jumping Spider

Another common household spider is the jumping spider. These little spiders are well-known for their jumping ability and quickly spring into action when they sense danger. While these spiders are not medically important for humans, they can be a disconcerting addition to a family when they venture inside.

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