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What Are Those Spikes?

In: Bird Control

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bird spikes up close

Have you noticed a ledge lined with thin metal spikes? Have seen these spikes popping up from the top of a building, on the peak of a roof, or around a sign? It is quite possible. These spikes are becoming more and more common as businesses realize that it is smarter to keep birds away than it is to clean up after them.

Here is what you need to know about bird spike deterrents.

  • Bird spikes aren't just for businesses. We're starting off with this one because those who know what bird spikes are, immediately think that they are only something businesses use. The truth is that this deterrent can be used on residential homes as well. So, if you're a homeowner, stick with us. This information is for you too.

  • Bird spikes are a gentle warning. When birds come to land, perch, or nest, bird spikes are a visual warning that deters them. These spikes make ledges, roofs, signs, towers, and other structures unappealing to birds, which means those birds will go look for somewhere else to leave their droppings, make squawking noises, destroy machinery, contaminate food, spread histoplasmosis and other dangerous diseases, and deposit harmful parasites. And birds spikes do this in a way that does not harm the birds.

  • Bird spikes are an immediate deterrent. You don't have to wait for it to take effect. When you have bird spikes installed, you have instant results.

  • You might have seen a bird sitting within some spikes and thought, "Those spikes aren't doing much good." While it is true that a bird, here or there, may not take the hint, so to speak, it is extremely rare, and even more unlikely that a nest will be established. Most of the time, bird spikes will work to keep those birds away.

  • If bird spikes aren't enough to do the job, there are several other bird deterrents available: shock tracks, netting, bird wire, solar panel exclusions, ovoControl, and even trapping.

When pest birds come to plague your Hawaii home or business, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has a answer that will work for you. When you partner up with our professionals, you can know for sure that your bird problem will be effectively resolved in a way that is humane for those birds while maintaining a safe environment for you, your family, your employees, or your customers.

Reach out to us and learn more about the bird deterrents and proactive animal control methods and equipment that are available here in Hawaii. We are a leader in control technologies that help to keep wild animals where they the wild. Make your home or business less attractive to wildlife, starting today.

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