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What Cockroaches Do We Have In Hawaii?

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cockroach climbing on box of crackers

There are 19 species of cockroaches in Hawaii. Fortunately, not all of these cockroach species are household pests. What type of cockroaches will you find in your Hawaii home? If you're seeing roaches, there is a good chance it will be an American cockroach, a German cockroach, or a Surinam cockroach. And, if you see one of these roaches, there is a high probability you have hundreds more living in within your walls.

Did you know that cockroaches have personalities? It's true. Researchers have discovered that not all cockroaches behave the same way. The two most distinct personalities are boldness and shyness. Bold cockroaches are the ones that you'll see flying up the wall at top speed or making a quick exit when you enter the room. But, you're not likely to ever see a shy roach. These insects will travel in tight spaces that are completely protected and feed on things under your fridge, between your stove and the wall, or inside cabinets. And, as it turns out, there are a whole lot more shy cockroaches than there are bold ones.

It is also important to point out that even bold cockroaches don't prefer to be seen. If you're seeing a roach in your home, it could be that limited food sources are prompting them to be more bold than usual.

  • American cockroaches prefer temperatures above 82 degrees and will generally stay in the basement and first floors of a building they are invading unless they find suitable conditions at higher levels. If you live in an apartment and keep it clean, dry, and cool, you can significantly resist this species of roach.

  • German cockroaches are the most common household pests in Hawaii because these are the smallest cockroaches and they can thrive in lower temperatures. The air conditioning in your home or apartment isn't going to deter this species. It can thrive in temperatures between 70° - 75° F. They do require moisture or humidity, so you're most likely to find German cockroaches in bathrooms, or in areas of plumbing.

  • Surinam "burrowing" cockroaches also love hot temperatures and will be discovered in places of high humidity. These are not roaches that generally infests homes, but they can. Surinam roaches are very destructive to gardens and greenhouses.

All of these roaches can spread diseases and harmful bacteria in your home. If you're seeing cockroaches, let one of our certified technicians take a look at your problem. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is one of the most respected pest management companies in Hawaii, with staff members who hold positions with the National Pest Management Association. We have the education and experience to protect you from these dirty invaders.

Try living without cockroaches and see how much more enjoyable life can be.

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