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What Does Feral Mean?

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feral cat in hawaii

Merriam –Webster’s online dictionary defines feral as not domesticated. So how is that different than wild?

Domestic animals live with and around humans, and feral or wild animals do not. Wild animals belong in the wild and follow the natural order of the environment. Feral animals, however, have previously lived with or around humans; but for some reason, they became stray, thus making them feral. These animals will live like the animals from the wild after straying for long periods of time. The impact of feral animals on the environment can be especially disruptive.

In the case of feral cats, they may have been born from a domestic stray or feral cat and raised outdoors where they have lived in the wild, not cared for by humans. These cats will not be socialized, and they will fear humans and will react to them in a fierce manner. They will seek out shelter and food on properties, in storage areas, and under decks. They may even sneak into homes in search of food. Feral cats are aggressive and dangerous, as they can scratch, bite, and transmit bacteria and parasites. It will take an experienced professional to handle the capture of feral cats, and many Hawaii property owners turn to the trusted professional wildlife control experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

As for feral pigs, they were once domesticated and now are living wild. A feral pig weighing between 150-200 pounds can be a force to be reckoned with. They will feed on all kinds of vegetation, carcasses, or just about anything else they can find. They can be really mean and aggressive; and because they are very large, they are extremely dangerous. They also can devastate property, landscaping, gardens, and much more. They also can transmit diseases to pets and humans. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions’ wildlife control technicians can get your feral pig problems under control. They have the equipment to safely handle trapping these clever and very large animals.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we use a monitoring system to target the problem and deal with feral or wild animals safely and effectively. Our customers are important to us, and we are committed to responding the same or next day. We want happy customers with pest free properties and homes. We also have a warranty that states if you are not completely happy with our service, we will come back at no additional charge. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions provides wildlife control throughout Oahu and parts of the Big Island. Give us a call today to take care of your feral and wildlife problems.

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