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What Is FumeGuard?

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If you live in Hawaii and have rodents, bed bugs, termites, or other pest infestations, you will want to hear about tent fumigation and FumeGuard! Tent fumigation may be the only answer for really tough pest infestations. Think of it as an instant reset button for your pest problems so that you can breathe easy knowing that all of the pests are 100% gone! Fumigation can generally take just a day and the fumigant can get into every nook and cranny of your home, workplace, or food packing facility resulting in complete pest eradication.

So, what is FumeGuard?

FumeGuard is exclusive to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and is a tent fumigation system with added safety and security. This essential service offers specific protections including preventing harmful effects by monitoring gasses and protection against theft during the fumigation process with a wireless intruder alarm. Since a home is vacated for the fumigation, theft can be a huge problem, and FumeGuard has an alarm system to stop thieves in their tracks if they attempt to break into your home.

The intrusion alarm is wireless and can detect any heat and movement during the process up to 35 feet from the unit, which triggers an alarm, and in turn notifies appropriate personnel who will respond to the threat immediately. FumeGuard also activates bright strobe lights and extremely loud sirens that will attempt to scare the intruder into leaving the premises. Remember, since the intrusion alarm is just a deterrent and not a guarantee, you may wish to put additional safety precautions in place for your own piece of mind.

The other important feature of FumeGuard is the very important fumigant monitor that will measure levels of gas. Our monitors will record when gas levels reach maximum effectiveness for 100% elimination of pests, guaranteed. Then the fumigant monitor will also let personnel know when gas levels are safe allowing for re-entry into the property. That makes a great dual purpose product by a company that you can trust, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

FumeGuard is the exclusive program of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and is administered by our experienced, fully trained and licensed technicians who are capable of getting rid of the most serious pest infestations. You will not want to leave your pest control problems to anyone else. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers pest control you can trust; just ask the thousands of satisfied customers that have turned to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions since 1997. Give us a call and ask about FumeGuard. You will be happy you did.

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