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What Is Plant Pest Control?

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If you have plants in your yard, you know what plant pest control is, to a certain extent. You know that there are many creatures that feed on plant leaves and their root systems, and you know that there are over-the-counter products that promise to control those creatures and keep them from ruining your hard work. However, controlling all the many bugs that attack plants here in Hawaii requires more than a bottle of insecticide. The variety of insecticides available is as vast as the variety of fertilizers and weed control products, and there are methods and protocols that must be followed to apply these products in a safe and effective manner. That means you're going to need an education in insecticides if you want to control all those invasive pests, or you're going to need someone with an education to do it for you.
At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we offer plant pest control, but the word "control" means more than just keeping invasive pests, like mealy bugs, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, and scale insects, away. It means making sure to allow beneficial bugs to continue to do their job. This requires multiple control strategies, not just a coating of bug spray.
Our team is made up of educated professionals who are trained in the most advanced pest protocols in the industry. They understand the entomology of these pests and know how to leverage natural control methods with chemical products. They are also being kept up to speed on safety practices and governmental regulations for the use of those products.
Plant pests cause damage to plant stems, roots systems, and leaves as they feed on the food-conducting tissues of plants. Some leave behind a sugary liquid called honeydew that draws ants to feed on these plants, which can interfere with the activities of natural enemies that control these pests; and this substance often turns black with the growth of a sooty mold fungus.
The presence of enough plant pests can turn leaves yellow, stunt shoots, disrupt nourishment from roots, cause petals to discolor, cause leaves to curl or distort, and more. These pests also spread viruses to plants which can severely damage or kill them.
You work hard to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Don't let plant pests ruin your hard work. If you need help controlling plant pests on your Hawaii property, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers foliar and root applications that will give your plants quick relief, as well as long lasting protection. Reach out to us and have one of our specialists pay you a visit and get you on the right track. 

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