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What To Do About All These Mynah Birds?

In: Bird Control

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mynah bird found in hawaii

For those of us who live here in the state of Hawaii, we know all-too-well what a mynah bird is. It is an aggressive, highly invasive, and very smart, territorial bird with a brown body, black hooded head, and bare yellow patch behind its eyes. Its beak and legs are also yellow. And, these birds can be found hanging out in pairs, feeding on things such as fruit, grains, seeds, insects, spiders, crustaceans and small reptiles.

If you've come here wondering if these are just a nuisance pest, or whether or not they are dangerous, the answer is a tricky one. Although they are mostly a nuisance, they can be dangerous as well.

When birds invade, they will sometimes nest or roost inside air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, and other machinery. When diseases in bird feces become airborne, it can result in contamination of the inside your home or business and lead to serious illness.

In addition to the health issues, pest birds, like the mynah, can damage the appearance of your property. If it is a business these birds have invaded, it can result in a tarnished reputation.

If mynah birds have been driving you crazy, the thought of using do-it-yourself methods may have, no doubt, crossed your mind. But, you should know that, while you may have some measured success, DIY bird eradication has been shown to be mostly ineffective, and could end up costing you more time and money than if you were to employ the help of a professional pest control company from the start.

The certified bird control technicians here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are educated in industry-leading exclusion methods for mynah birds, as well as pigeons, peacocks, sparrows, chickens, and other pest birds. Not only are their methods effective, they are done in a way that is both safe for humans and humane for the birds being extracted.

  • Shock tracks placed in areas where birds tend to land, deliver a startling, yet harmless shock to birds, discouraging them from landing.

  • Bird spikes are attached to buildings, lights, signs, etc, and give birds a gentle poke when they come to perch.

  • We use only humane trapping. Cages are used in a catch and release program to put birds back in nature where they belong.

  • Nets are used to cover areas where birds need to be excluded, like on machinery, and around eaves.

  • Bird wire is placed on ledges to prevent birds from roosting.

  • OvoControl is a birth control that is used to reduce pest bird populations.

  • Solar Panel Exclusions are a relatively new, fast, and simple kit of clever clips and PVC coated metal mesh that acts as a fence to keep birds from getting under solar panels.

When you need control for mynah and other pest birds, you can trust the specialists here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solution to keep your property safe with state-of-the-art technologies and the industry-leading bird control methods. Give us a call today and tell us about your bird problem. We can help.

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