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What To Expect From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

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rat in corner of basement

Having problems with rats in your Maui home? Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon occurrence in Hawaii. It's true, these creatures are destructive and can spread disease. That's exactly why we urge any homeowner concerned that rats may be an issue to make the first step in eliminating the problem, by calling in the pest experts from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. When receiving treatment for any pest problem, it's natural for a host of questions to arise. Like, will my pest issue be successfully treated? Is the treatment safe? Will the treatment be completed in a timely manner? Questions, questions, questions. Don't worry, here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we want to be sure to educate our customers and provide them with answers to all their questions!  

Experiencing pest control services for the first time may cause some nervousness. This is because of all the hype over materials that were used years ago to combat pests. Today’s approach is safe. Very safe! In fact, when integrated pest management techniques are utilized, there is a minimal amount of product needed. Additionally, the products of today are much safer and must be approved by the EPA. This is why using a highly trained and knowledgeable professional is so important. They are experts, not only in the pests, but in the appropriate measures that must be taken and the correct way to mix and use materials.

So what can you expect when our pest control specialist from Sandwich Isle arrives at your door? The first thing you will experience is a knock on the door or a ring of the bell. Our polite and friendly pest professional will help ease your mind by addressing all your concerns. Our technician will talk with you for a few minutes to get a full understanding of your situation and will then set straight to work inspecting your property. As the two of you walk around the outside of your home, he will point out areas that are a concern like the cracks and crevices pests are using to access your home and the areas in and around your home that are drawing these pests in. They will explain the corrective measures that must be taken in order to prevent a re-infestation.

Next, you will walk through your home together as he searches for areas that are being used as nesting and feeding sites. He will also be searching for conditions that are attractive to rodents so they can be addressed too. Once this very thorough step is completed, the technician will safely and effectively eliminate the rodent population in your home. The next step will be for him to properly clean any areas where the rodents were nesting in order to ensure that allergens and harmful pathogens have been neutralized.

Next, he will discuss and implement rodent proofing procedures to ensure that a new batch of rats do not find their way into your home. By the time the process is complete, you will be relieved! Plus, you will have gained a new understanding of rodents and how to protect your home from them. Lastly, your technician may explain the benefits of a year-round pest protection service that will not only keep rodents from choosing your home, but will also prevent most nuisance, harmful, and damaging insects from entering your home and causing issues as well. You may decide that this is the best course of action, because you know that you never want to go through the stress of a pest infestation again. However, you may decide that it is not for you at this time. Either way, your technician will be happy, and you will be completely satisfied by the services delivered by Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

If you or someone you know is struggling with rats in or around your Maui home, be sure to call our professionals and schedule your free inspection today!

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