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What You Didn’t Know About Bed Bugs

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hawaii bed bugs do not live in beds

Bed bugs are a problem no matter what part of the country you live in, even if you live on the beautiful the islands of Hawaii. Bed bugs have made a comeback in the last decade and they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Because of this, it is important to know what bed bugs are and how to get rid of them so that you can protect yourself, your family and your home from these persistent pests.

There is a lot of information and facts going around the news about bed bugs, yet what most people think they know about these pests can often be inaccurate. Listed below are some facts about bed bugs to help you become more informed about bed bugs in Hawaii.

  • Bed bugs do not invade homes and other locations because of unsanitary conditions. Bed bugs are found in areas where there is a lot of human traffic; think airports, libraries, museums, movie theaters, etc. They are most often picked up at these locations and then brought into homes.

  • Bed bugs do not just infest mattresses; while bed bugs are often found in mattresses and box springs they are also very adept at hiding in other areas of your home. They will hide in the cracks and crevices of wood furniture, walls, behind baseboards and under floorboards.

  • A bed bugs favorite food source is a sleeping human; they are drawn to us by the carbon dioxide we produce when we breathe in our sleep.

  • The recent increase in bed bugs it thought to be because of increase international travel, and the ease of travel in general.

  • Bed bug bites on humans are very commonly confused for mosquito or flea bites.

  • Bed bugs breed very quickly and just one or two bed bugs being introduced into a home can lead to a large scale infestation in just a few weeks.

If you do find yourself with a bed bug infestation in your Honolulu home, the experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can eliminate them from your home and offer future control measures. Sandwich Isle uses K9 scent detection dogs to inspect your home and find all the areas of your home where bed bugs are hiding. From bed bugs’ very tiny eggs to the larger adults, if they are present, our  trained bed bug dogs will locate them. Bed bug dogs are over 97% accurate, cause little disruption and work very quickly.

Once an infestation is detected we will treat your infestation with conventional bed bug treatments that are sure to help get rid of the bed bug problem quickly and efficiently! 

If you are worried about bed bugs in your home, contact us at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to schedule your bed bug inspection from our Honolulu pest control pros!

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