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What You May Not Know About Termites In Hawaii

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subterranean termites in hawaii

If you own property here in Hawaii, you are no doubt aware that termites can be a serious issue. In fact, if you purchased your property in the last 5 years, you probably got an official Termite Inspection Report done before you bought it. Many lenders require these now. This is because termites are a serious threat for property owners, especially in Hawaii.

The climate of Hawaii is perfect. That is why it is the paradise destination for millions of people around the world. But, the climate here is also ideal for termites--specifically, the subterranean termite, which is the most destructive termite found in the United States. These termites thrive in hot, moist conditions.

While you are probably aware that termites thrive in the climate of Hawaii, you may not be aware of "how well" they thrive. These are robust and resourceful insects that can survive in a wide range of climates. They are a problem for property owners even in the northern parts of the United States where temperatures get well below freezing. In a state that has only two seasons, Kau and Ho'oilo, and temperatures usually stay above 70º F, it is not a problem for these insects to stay active all year long. Even when we got that record low of 50º F back in 1969, those termites were mostly unaffected. That is why it is vital to have year-round termite protection for your Hawaii property.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we offer several industry-leading termite treatment options. For the extremely destructive subterranean termites, we provide 24/7 protection with the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology. This system is 100% safe for the environment, and 100% safe for your family and pets. It has been independently researched by 30 universities and reported in over 70 published scientific articles, with over 15 years of real-life success. And, unlike barrier treatments, the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System doesn't require any drilling or trenching. It uses discrete bait stations planted in the soil around the exterior of a structure to feed worker termites a bait that they bring back to their colony. When they bring the bait back, the queen dies. And, when the queen dies, the colony dies.

When you need to know your property is safe from subterranean termites, you can trust Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System to protect your investment. Don't wait until you can see the damage. By then, it will be too late. Get protected, starting today.

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