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What's The Problem With Peacocks?

In: Bird Control

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peacock in hawaii

There is no argument. Peacocks are beautiful. Their feathers have been used throughout history to bring beauty and elegance to hats, clothing, homes and businesses. And there is nothing more beautiful than a peacock with feathers unfurled to their full glory, the iridescent blue, turquoise and green are breathtaking to behold. BUT--and this is a big "but"--peacocks are not so beautiful when they are causing damages to your property, your image, and your sanity.

Before we start telling you the problems that come along with peacocks, we want to point out that the term "peacock" actually refers to only the male of the species. Females are called peahens, and both are referred to as peafowl. The males are the peafowl with the beautiful plumage. And, while peacocks can be a very pleasant pheasant, they can also make themselves a pest.

So what are some issues that come with having these beautiful birds hanging around on your property?

  • Peafowl make a noise that can be very unpleasant. And if these birds are close enough to your home during sleeping hours, it can become quite maddening as more and more sleep is lost due to this unwanted noise.
  • Not only do peafowl make vocal noises that can be unpleasant, when they take flight, especially in large numbers, this creates a loud noise as well.
  • Peacock and peahen droppings are foul. Not only is it unsightly, but it is frustrating and costly to clean up and corrosive to painted surfaces. (It is so corrosive it can ruin the paint on a vehicle.) Peafowl feces are also able to spread illness to humans.
  • These beautiful birds can be aggressive. They are not typically considered dangerous, but their aggressive behavior can be traumatizing to some people.
  • If peafowl get into places where they should not be, they can be damaging to heavy equipment.

While peacocks are beautiful and can be fun to watch, they are able to make themselves a real headache if they settle in places where they do not belong. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we use humane control measures such as bird netting, shock tracks, bird spikes and solar panel exclusions to gently let birds know where they are not welcome, so they will move on. And if some birds refuse to move on, we also have the option of humane trapping and relocating.

Don't let peacocks and peahens be foul fowl on your property. Let them move on to better places where they can become pleasant pheasants once again.

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