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When To Turn To Fumigation

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home tented for fumigation service

In some extreme pest infestation cases, fumigation of the home or business is the only way to completely eliminate the pests. Fumigation is a bit like a “do-over” for pest control – wiping out all living pests and allowing you start over with prevention services to ensure your home remains pest free.

Fumigation requires pesticide use that requires the expertise of a licensed pest control professional. It's a pest control solution that relies on the use of chemicals to completely eliminate the most severe pest problems that cannot be removed successfully with other treatments or pest control methods. Your experienced pest control professional will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare for fumigation and ensure the process is safe for your family and pets.

When to Fumigate

Fumigation is used to control some pest species that do not respond to other methods of pest control. Powderpost beetles can’t be spot treated, for example, because they burrow so deeply into the home’s infrastructure. Drywood termites can exist in your home inside furniture, drywall, or flooring for months before you even know they’re there – and can live for years. If you have a drywood termite infestation, you’re probably going to need fumigation to remove them from your home. Tenting and fumigation is also a primary treatment for severe bed bug infestations that are not likely to respond as well to other methods.

If you have a pest problem, the pest control professionals can let you know after an inspection if it must be treated with fumigation or if it can be treated and controlled through other treatment options.

The Fumigation Process

If it is determined that you must fumigate, the following steps will be taken to eliminate the pests from your home: The area will be covered with a tarp, referred to as tenting. It is taped shut to ensure fumigation chemicals will remain inside the tent. Humans and pets are removed from the property, and the pesticides are pumped into the tent. The area will remain under the tent for a period of 24 to 72 hours. Then, the tent will be removed and the pest control technician will verify that the pest infestation has been corrected. If necessary, follow up appointments for additional pest control treatments will be scheduled. Typically, it’s a good idea to schedule pest control prevention services to ensure you do not end up with a new infestation after fumigation takes place.

Call Sandwich Isle Pest Control today to learn how to treat your pest infestation and find out if you must turn to fumigation or if you can use a variety of other pest control treatments to eliminate your pest problem.

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