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Which Pest Control Plan is Best for My Home?

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There are so many pests in Hawaii and so many plans from which you can choose to get rid of them. How do you know which pest control program you should choose and whether or not it is the best one to fit your needs? With all these choices for pest control, how can you choose correctly so that you won’t have any sleepless nights wondering if pests still creep around? Let us help you decide.

Benefits of Year-round Pest Control

When you need to fight pests, an endless supply of bug spray in cans won’t do. You need professional, year-round services. Year-round services offer your home or business many benefits:

  • Prevents pests from infesting.

  • Prevents pest problems before they start.

  • Don’t have to pay for expensive case-by-case treatments.

  • Prevents pests from causing damage to your home.

  • Reduces your family’s exposure to pest-borne diseases and illnesses.

  • You have access on-call service throughout the year.

Sandwich Isle Pest Control Plans

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has three plans from which you can choose from:

  1. Premier Pest Protection - This plan provides protection for more than 30 pests with year-round coverage inside and outside of your home. After the initial service, we visit your home every other month. Plus, you can add bed bug protection to this service for a small additional fee.

  2. Premier Pest Plus - The Premier Pest Plus plan gives you all of the benefits of the above plan, but it adds a few more as well - rodent control, tick reduction, and flea reduction. We treat your home every other month; plus, you can add bed bug protection to this service for a small additional fee.

  3. Premier Pest Complete - If you really want the Cadillac of pest control, choosing the Premier Pest Complete option gives you all the benefits of the Pest Plus program, but we add drywood termite spot treatments and ground termite elimination services, too (some limitations may apply).

If you still can’t decide which year-round pest control plan you should choose, give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call. We can help you find the best pest control plan to fit your needs and your budget.

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