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Why Choose Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for your Feral Pig Removal?

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feral pig

Feral pigs are a problem here in Hawaii. They are a big problem. These wild swine trample across our beautiful islands wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. They devour our native vegetation, trample our undergrowth in search of food, compact the soil, and uproot young, tender plants; and they are not very careful about it. They act as a kind of wild rototiller and till the soil so harshly that it actually destroys the soil structure making it unfit to sustain natural fauna in some places. As they destroy the land, they create divots with their paws and noses that cause standing water to gather. This encourages mosquitoes to breed and their populations to grow which increases the risk to people of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses.

Yes, feral pigs are a really big problem for us. But the reason for this article is not just to point out the dangers that feral pigs impose on our communities, but to also show you why Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is the right choice for your feral pig issues.

Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have developed a method of trapping that allows us to capture the entire sounder in the shortest amount of time. We accomplish this by setting up traps equipped with live video footage cameras. Our professionals monitor these traps and maintain them until the sounder is conditioned to use this ‘feeder’ as their daily food supply source. Once we are confident that we have the sounder inside our trap, we push a button to ‘spring’ our trap and contain them all; and this is all done remotely so the pigs literally never see it coming. This is not only the most effective way to manage the feral pig populations here in Hawaii, but it is also the most cost-effective for you.

We offer wildlife removal services and are licensed to remove feral pigs and any other creatures you may be dealing with here in Hawaii; and we are committed to efficient, effective, and humane trapping and removal techniques that we have worked so hard to implement. This is what has set Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions head and shoulders above the rest in wildlife management services, and it is what helps our company continue to grow and expand in this area of pest management.

When feral pigs or other wildlife decide to tear up your Hawaii property, the experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions really are your best choice for safe and effective trapping and removal service, and we are just a call away.

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