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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Ocean?

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feral chicken in hawaii

Sounds like the makings of a good joke that probably ends with, "He needed something to cock-a-doodle doo." It might even be followed up with, "Why did the turkey cross the ocean?" "To prove it wasn't chicken!" But--turkeys have nothing to do with this article. So, before we find ourselves following a rabbit trail--and subsequently realizing that this article has nothing to do with rabbits either--let's get back to those chickens. The real reason the chicken crossed the ocean is because we brought it over. Before that, there were no chickens in Hawaii. There is some speculation, however, as to when these birds first set foot on the Islands, and even greater speculation surrounding a certain farm and certain hurricane named Iniki, that presumably caused the mass release of domesticated chickens into the wild. It doesn't really matter how it all started. That fact is, it did, and now we're left to figure this chicken mess out--quite literally.

Chickens Are Great.

Though these birds breed like rats, many residents have put up with them because they actually have some good traits--not the least of which is that they eat poisonous centipedes. Who doesn't think that is a good thing? Some residents believe that feral roosters add to the exotic ambiance of the islands with their colorful plumage and cackling chatter and find them amusing when they talk back and forth to one another. But as colorful and exotic as these birds can sometimes appear, they are not natural residents of Hawaii. They are an invasive species that threatens indigenous birds. Whether you see them as a welcomed part of Hawaiian heritage or not, when these birds take up residence near your home, it doesn't take long for you to realize feral chickens are a pest bird. Their incessant cackling at all hours of the night is enough to make the most devout pacifist consider buying a gun.

Control efforts.

OvoControl, a form of bird birth control, was initially used to try and control this problem, but it was too slow at addressing this ever expanding issue. Though birth control is effective in some situations, the feral chicken problem in Hawaii requires more direct measures to target pest bird populations and reduce their numbers quickly. That's why at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we use the state-of-the-art animal trapping system that is widely considered the most effective solution for feral animals nationwide. Baits are used to draw feral chickens into fenced areas, and gates are dropped using remote or manual triggers.

On a farm, domesticated chickens have a useful role to play. Hens lay eggs and roosters help to make more chickens. But in the urban jungle, these jungle fowls are just foul. They leave their excrement everywhere they go and their noises are an unwelcome intrusion for many.

So, why did the chicken cross the ocean? It doesn't matter. They're here. If you need help getting those chickens under control, we have a proactive solution to fix your problem here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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