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Why Do I Have Feral Chickens On My Property?

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feral chicken in hawaii

When you were a kid and you didn't dare to do something, were you ever taunted by other kids in your neighborhood or on the playground? And what did they do when they taunted you? If they were like most bullies, they probably said something like, "What are you? Chicken? Bawk, bawk bawk!" It is also likely that they strutted around with arms bent and necks moving back and forth. If this has ever happened to you, we're sure you will agree that when someone, or a bunch of someone's, does this, it can be annoying. Really annoying! But do you know what else is annoying? REAL chickens strutting around on your property doing exactly the same thing--especially if it is at night and the incessant "bawk, bawk, bawking" is keeping you awake. 

Beyond the obvious issue of lost sleep, there are other concerns in having feral chickens running rampant on your property. They destroy vegetation, they can damage machinery, they carry diseases and they kill native Hawaiian birds. Not to mention the fact that they leave large amounts of kukae moa (chicken droppings) all over the place. 

So why are those chickens on your property? And what can you do about them?

While no one knows for sure who first brought chickens to Hawaii, someone did. And no one really knows how so many chickens got loose and became feral. One theory is that a certain hurricane named Iniki was the cause of the mass release of domesticated chickens into the wild. But why are they invading your property? Perhaps they are there because you have an abundance of other pests on your property that chickens like to eat, such as centipedes. Maybe someone on your property or someone nearby is actively feeding the wild chickens. And perhaps there is nothing in place on your property that would discourage those feral chickens from invading your space. Whatever the reason, or reasons, the important thing to know is that there are ways to get rid of chickens, and ways to keep them out. 

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions employs an advanced animal trapping system that is considered to be the most effective solution for feral animals nationwide. We use certain baits to draw chickens into fenced in areas, then gates are dropped with the use of remote triggers. For smaller infestations, our specialists have access to chicken net guns, which are a fast and effective solution. Once chickens are removed from your property, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has the tools needed to keep new chickens from invading, such as exclusion installations that blend in with the environment. 

So, if you would rather not have to deal with feral chickens on your property, reach out to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We might not be able to do anything about those pretend chickens on the playground, but you can be sure we have the education and expertise to take care of the real ones on your property.

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