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Why Do I Have Mynah Birds?

In: Bird Control

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mynah bird near hawaii property

Are you having trouble with mynah birds on your property? It happens a lot here in Hawaii, and it can be extremely frustrating. So, we're going to take a look at these birds and explore some of the reasons they may be coming onto your property.

There are usually only three reasons an animal will come onto our properties. These reasons are connected to their desire for food, water, and a safe place to inhabit. If you're getting wild animals on your property, one of the first things you can do to deter them is make your yard feel less like the wild. This can be done by keeping your grass neatly trimmed, routinely removing sticks and other natural debris, and making sure there are no logs and other natural items for wildlife to hide in, but these changes will have little effect on pest birds like the mynah bird. Birds look for places to roost and perch.

If animals feel vulnerable to predators when they step into your yard, this can also deter them. Removing construction material, toys, and other clutter from a yard can reduce hiding places for animals to use as cover. Mynah birds and other pest birds do not use cover to protect themselves from predators, but those items may collect rainwater, and this can be attractive to pest birds. Removing lawn clutter and reducing areas where rainwater can collect will make your yard less attractive to birds.

You are probably aware that birds eat seeds, but pest birds like the mynah bird are omnivores that can eat a wide selection of foods including fruits, larva, rodents, eggs, small birds and animals, and even garbage. Removing food sources from your yard and keeping garbage in sealed containers will deter mynah birds.

While there are some things you can do to reduce food, water, and roosting sites in your yard, it is impossible to completely exclude birds without bird deterrents such as shock tracks, bird spikes, netting, bird wire, and solar panel exclusions. It may also be necessary to use trapping methods if mynah birds have already found a place to roost, but these tools and methods require professional installation and implementation to be effective.

If you're dealing with mynah birds on your Hawaii property, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for effective bird control. Our specialists are educated in the habits and habitats of pest birds and equipped with the most advanced bird control products available.

Don't let pest birds damage your property and spread illness. Have those birds naturally excluded with expert bird control from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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