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Why Do I Have Norway Rats?

In: Rodents

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norway rat in hawaii

There are really only two things Norway rats are looking for, and the closer these two things are to one another, the happier these rodents will be. When they came onto your property, the first thing they were looking for is food. Norway rats, like all rats, are continually in search of food sources. And, when they aren't looking for food, they are looking for shelter. If your property has either of these two things to offer, Norway rats will be happy to make themselves at home.

What do Norway rats eat?

These are large rodents, so they are going to target larger food items on your property, such as vegetables in your garden, storage areas, pet food, and any meat that is left out. Your job is to keep all the food on your property sealed and secure. This starts with making sure all your exterior trash cans have a tight-fitting lid.

What do Norway rats consider shelter?

Any yard that has clutter will be attractive to a Norway rat. If you have construction materials, junk appliances, old tires, toys, or other objects that have been sitting in the same place for a while, these rats will use them. The Norway rat is a burrowing rat. So, you're not going to find their home directly under these items. They will be under the ground beneath these items, the only clue of their presence being the hole leading down into their burrow.

How to I protect my yard and home from Norway rats?

The only effective protection is to have an educated professional monitor and safeguard your property from these foraging pests. Why? Because the worst kind of rat control is the kind that you think is working, when it actually isn't. These creatures spread illness, damage property, contaminate food, and introduce parasites.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we use three-zone control to make 100% sure that no Norway rats are living on your property. We monitor and catch them as they enter your yard, monitor and capture them if they forage in your yard, and create an unattractive and sealed exterior for any rats that manage to get near your exterior walls. Our rodent control specialists are the best in the business. You won't have to wonder if you still have Norway rats.

Don't let mysterious illness run wild on your property. If you're dealing with these or any other rodent in Honolulu, Oahu, and across Big Island, let Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions make sure those rats are completely gone. And, stop future infestations before they begin. The best protection is proactive protection. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

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