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Why Feral Chickens Are A Problem In Hawaii

In: Wildlife

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feral chicken in hawaii

Wild Chickens. The term seems harmless enough. Chickens can surely peck and I have known a few that will chase you across the yard; but can chickens really be dangerous? Simply put, Yes. When they are feral chickens they can be. Chickens were meant to be in a barnyard. They were meant to be cared for by a farmer and penned safely into a hen house or screened yard. They were meant to be somewhat docile creatures that provide eggs. They were meant to be safe. But when chickens are left to fend for themselves in the wild, they can become a real problem. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we face here in Hawaii.

One of the most obvious issues with a lot of wild chickens, like we have here, is the noise factor. A chicken can make a lot of noise as it clucks and carries on; but when you have several dozen of them flapping and gawking and squawking in your yard at all hours of the day and night, it can be unbearable. The lost sleep alone is enough to drive a sane person mad. But that’s not the only issue. These wild birds carry germs; and a lot of them. Some of these germs can make you sick. Very sick. Plus, they leave their kukae moa (chicken droppings) wherever they go. These droppings are not just a slip-and-fall risk, but they contain pathogens that can make you sick too.

Besides the noise and the health risk, feral chickens will also kill native bird species and tear up vegetation. Your ornamentals and lawns don’t stand a chance when these birds come to call. Even your pets are at risk of an unwarranted attack by these ‘gangs’ of wild chickens.

No matter how you look at it, these wild birds have got to go; and the experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have the feral chicken solution for you. Our wildlife division offers humane trapping and removal services and will help you to implement exclusion methods to keep these pests from returning. With over 20 years of experience here in Hawaii and with the reputation of excellent service at a fair price, you can count on Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to handle your wild chicken problem quickly and effectively so you can return to those peace filled restful nights of sleep.

Keep the kukae moa away, and those wild chickens too with help from the pros here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. You, and your yard, will be glad that you did.

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