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Why Fumigation Is Good For Your Termite Problem

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pest control technicians installing a termite fumigation tent in hawaii

Homes and businesses on Big Island and Oahu are all susceptible to termite problems and the damages caused by infesting drywood termites. Unlike other termite species that form colonies outside and underground, drywood termites form colonies in sound wood structures. They can destroy not only the wood structures but also furniture, floors, window frames, and any other wood throughout the space. Due to the extensive structural damage these pests are capable of it is important that once termites are identified, there is an immediate and effective treatment in place. Fumigation services are proving to be one of the best treatments for drywood termites.

Tent fumigation is a careful process undertaken by pest control experts only. The process is carefully implemented over a period of 24 to 48 hours to ensure it is effective. Your home or business will be covered in large tarps and sealed off. An effective gas called Vikane will then be released in order to kill off all existing termites. Once the process is completed the technicians will use equipment to monitor gas levels and be sure that the space is safe for reentry.

Fumigation is a better method to treat for drywood termites rather than traditional spot treatments for a few different reasons:

  1. There is no chemical residue. Once the fumigation is complete, there are no left over or residual chemicals to be concerned about. Once the site has been cleared you are free to go back to your normal routine.

  2. The treatment is a onetime application. Many spot treatments require multiple applications but with a fumigation service you will be completely free of termites after the one treatment. Treatments will

So if you have found the dreadful damage or signs from drywood termites in your home or business on Big Island or Oahu, then contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. No matter how severe the drywood termite problem, you can be sure that with the trusted termite fumigation services at Sandwich Isle your home or business will be restored through fumigation. Don’t let the termites take over your home or business!

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