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Why Rats Are Dangerous And How To Prevent Them

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rat in a honolulu home

It is estimated that rodents invade more than 20 million homes in the United States every year. The presence of rodents in Hawaii is certainly a problem. An infestation of rats has called for increased Honolulu rodent control, as there are many potential dangers with the population of rats. Serious property damage has occurred with an infestation of rats from chewing furniture, walls, electrical lines and tearing out insulation. Many personal belongings, no matter how carefully packed, have been destroyed by rats chewing into boxes and building nests. However the greatest danger posed is that these rodents spread many diseases everywhere they go. The accumulation of feces spreads bacteria, contaminates food sources and triggers allergic reactions among humans.

Rats, for the most part, are elusive and not normally seen until the rat population increases significantly. It is highly recommended that you call for pest control professionals, as most people don’t know how to get rid of rats. The Norway rat is perhaps the most common rat and is also referred to as a barn rat, sewer rat, wharf rat, brown rat and house rat. This rat is a stocky, burrowing rodent and will eat nearly any type of food and can reach an incredible 10 inches in length not counting the tail.

Roof rats, also referred to as black rats or ship rats, are somewhat smaller than the Norway rat but cause the same issues and dangers. The Roof rat is an excellent climber and is often found in the upper parts of buildings. The Roof rat initially gained its notoriety by spreading the highly dangerous bubonic plague. Fortunately, transmission of this disease is rare today although there are a few cases in the United States each year.

Rats will eat nearly any type of food but prefer a high-quality diet of meats and fresh grains. Residences and any business that has a presence of food or garbage is an attractant to rats. Cluttered areas and piles of garbage will also draw rats onto your property.

There are some preventative measures that can reduce the potential of rat infestation. Begin with making access to your structure impossible. Close off any cracks or openings through which a rat can access and place tightly woven grates over all floor drains. Eliminate their water and food source by storing food, bird seed and dry pet food in sealed containers.

The dangers and destruction posed by rats are too great and must not be ignored. In the event of an infestation, we highly recommend you contact a Hawaii pest control company right away! At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions our professionals understand the uniqueness and specific behavioral habits of the rat as well as many other rodents. We are the largest locally owned pest control company in Hawaii and are committed to total customer satisfaction.

It won’t take us long to diagnose your problem pest and recommend an effective means of control to handle the situation!

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