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Why Termites Are A Year-Round Threat

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termite infested wood

Every month of the year Hawaii draws thousands of visitors from all over the world who want to experience the white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and these islands that are steeped in our heritage. Tourists love a good luau and a tropical drink in January when the winter weather they are used to is quite different. They love to see where pineapples are picked and the fishermen coming in with their latest catch. It can be said that while tourists spend their two weeks absorbing everything that our islands have to offer that those of us lucky enough to live here year-round take it all for granted.

Of course, one thing that visitors do not have to think about when they visit is the colonies of termites that are a huge problem across the region. Here in Hawaii, termites do not take the winter off. Termites continue all year long to breed and expand their colonies until they are too full making it necessary to create new colonies. That makes every home in Hawaii a year-round target for new infestations.

Termites do not do homeowners the courtesy of letting them know that they have moved in. Often, because they are living inside the structure of the home, no one knows a thing until costly damage to the very structure of the house has been done. Most homeowners will not even notice until the damage is visible inside the living space of the house. They may notice something that looks like water damage in the ceiling, tiny dark spots appearing in the wood of cabinets or furniture that are actually tunnels that the termites have created. By that time, the homeowner can count on thousands of dollars in repairs that will need to be made to the structure of their home.

This doesn’t have to happen to your home. The best way to prevent termite damage is to make the structure an inhospitable place for termites to move into. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions works with homeowners all over Hawaii to keep termites out all year long. Our termite experts will work with you to make sure that you have the best solution to discourage termites from making themselves at home giving you time to enjoy the tropical life that brings visitors to our islands all year long.

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