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Why You Don’t Want Roaches In Your Honolulu Home

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Hawaiian Cockroaches

Roaches are not house guests anyone should tolerate! These pests are carriers of many different diseases and if they enter your Hawaii home, they will be challenging to evict. Hawaii cockroaches that we deal with include the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Surinam cockroach, along with 16 other species! These insects are looking to get into your home for a comfortable environment in which to breed and feed- and if your home or business offers the appropriate conditions, these insects will happily thrive under your roof.


As previously mentioned, roaches in Hawaii spread diseases. They frequent sewers and trash piles and pick up bacteria and pathogens on the spines of their legs and bodies during their travels. They can then spread these germs to your food, your food preparation surfaces and any other surfaces inside your home with which you regularly come into contact. The diseases they are known to spread include different forms of gastroenteritis, including diarrhea, dysentery and ‘food poisoning’. Different areas of some cockroaches’ bodies produce odorous secretions that can get into our food, affecting its flavor. Cockroach droppings and cast skins or body parts are also known to cause allergens and asthma, especially in the very young and the very old.


Hawaiian cockroaches are not only dangerous to our health, but they are tricky little bugs too! They are quick runners and can find a multitude of ways of getting into our homes. They look for holes in the exterior of your structure in which to enter and even the tiniest of holes can allow entry to cockroaches in Hawaii. Open doors, windows or even torn door or window screens can allow cockroaches inside and they may even be unknowingly be brought into your home inside items you bring into your home. Preventing the entrance of these pests is the best way to avoid the problems they cause. What can be done to prevent cockroaches? Here are some simple cockroach prevention tips from the Hawaii pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions:


  • Eliminate possible entry points. Check the exterior for holes and caulk them up as best you can.

  • Caulk or use weather stripping around doors or windows.

  • Replace torn window and door screens.

  • Always examine items you bring into the home; especially look for signs of cockroaches inside food packaging.

  • Keep food stored in air-tight containers or in the refrigerator; never leave food out on countertops.

  • Regularly remove your garbage from inside your home and keep it stored a distance from the exterior.

  • Keep your cupboards and pantry clean; pick up crumbs and spills whenever they occur.

  • Eliminate areas of moisture inside your home; this can include installing a vent in bathrooms or laundry rooms and running a dehumidifier to eliminate very damp areas.

  • Eliminate clutter; cockroaches and other Hawaii pests find good homes inside your clutter, so eliminating possible pest hiding places can help prevent them from taking hold inside your home.


For more information on pest control in Honolulu provided by the pros at Sandwich Isle, please give us a call today! We would be happy to schedule your first appointment with one of our trained and knowledgeable technicians so that we can help you evict your cockroach house guests and prevent these pests from coming back.


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