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Wildlife Can Pose Serious Problems On Oahu

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feral pig

Oahu residents are no strangers to wildlife problems. How can they be with feral cats, chickens and pigs hanging around? The thing about these wild animals is that they are more than a nuisance, they are very destructive and can be dangerous.

If you've discovered wildlife on your property, we urge you to use caution. In fact, we'd rather you stay far away from these animals as possible and just give us a call. If startled or threatened, wildlife may become aggressive, scratching or biting among other displays of hostility. They spread disease, take over environments, and alter ecosystems in addition to damaging property, ruining gardens and crops and starting electrical fires when they chew on wires.

Here's a quick look at what these wildlife are capable of:

  • Feral pigs cause a lot of destruction to the ecosystem. They prey on birds and wreck beautiful lawns.


  • Feral cats are aggressive and spread diseases to people and pets.


  • Feral chickens and ducks are filthy birds that are obnoxious crowing in the mornings,they leave droppings around yards, and annoy your family pets.


  • Peacocks are simply beautiful creatures, you wouldn’t think that they cause so much damage to landscapes and personal property, but they do!


  • Mongoose have sharp claws and teeth that they will use if they feel threatened or are startled. They carry serious diseases, one of them being rabies.


  • Rats are dirty little foragers that can carry a variety of disease and often inflect damage to homes and property.

If you're experiencing a problem with one or several of these pests, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for professional wildlife control. Serving Honolulu, Waialua and all of Oahu, we are ready to help you stop these critters.

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