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Year-Round Pest Protection In Maui

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maui home on the ocean

We experience ideal conditions year-round here in Maui. The warm sunshine, tropical temperatures, and rich moisture make this a virtual paradise. People flock to Maui from all over the world just to grasp a few moments of these realities that we take for granted day in and day out – but all of this veritable perfection has its downfall too. Pests like cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mice, and more find this their paradise too; and they can remain active all year-long in our perfect climate.

Since we are faced with the threat of pests year-round, we should have pest protection that works year-round too. This is where Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions comes in. Our Premier Pest Protection plans are some of the most comprehensive plans available, and they offer year-round protection from these and many other pests. These plans have been developed by our industry leading on-staff entomologists and are specifically designed to target the local pests here in Hawaii. Here is what you can expect when you choose to protect your home with one of our Premier plans:

  • Premier Pest Protection – This basic plan offers year-round protection for your home from over 30 common pests here in Hawaii. It includes interior and exterior services, six services per year (every other month), and bed bug protection for a small additional fee. All of this comes with our satisfaction guarantee promise which states that if you are not satisfied with our plan, we will provide necessary additional service at no additional charge. Further, if we cannot solve your pest issue in 30 days, we will continue to provide service at no additional charge or you can receive a refund of half of your last regular payment. (*some exclusions may apply). Now that is year-round protection you can count on!

  • Premier Pest Plus – This plan offers all of the benefits of the Premier Pest Protection plan plus rodent control, flea reduction, and tick reduction services. You are also eligible to add bed bug protection for a small additional fee to this plan as well; and, of course, it is all backed by our satisfaction guarantee policy.

  • Premier Pest Complete – This all-inclusive plan offers all the benefits of the Premier Pest Plus plan along with the added protection of DWT spot treatment and termite elimination services. You may add bed bug protection to this plan as well, and you are covered by our satisfaction guarantee promise.

Why let pests gain the upper hand in Maui when you can have the year-round security of a Premier plan from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We are only a call or a click away!

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