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03 / 22 / 17
millipede in hawaii

What Attracts Millipedes To My Property?

If you live here in Hawaii then you have, no doubt, had to deal with millipedes; but you can avoid them altogether. 

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03 / 16 / 17
ants crawling on wall

Tips to Avoid Ants in Hawaii

Ants. If you live in Hawaii, you are well acquainted with them. Sometimes it seems like our little islands have more than their fair share of insects; but when you have a year-round tropical climate, it is bound to be one of the drawbacks to the flip flop lifestyle. Ants, just like other insects in Hawaii, have no reason to hide for the winter so they continue to lay eggs and build nests in every season.

Tags: ants in Hawaii  |  ant prevention tips  |  year round home pest control in hi

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03 / 14 / 17
black widow spider in basement

Most Dangerous Spiders in Hawaii

Spiders, in general, are not very dangerous. However, some are can be and many people are totally freaked out by the sight of them. Spiders are arachnids; they have 8 legs, don’t have wings or antennae, and their main food is insects. Their presence can be annoying, and their webs can be an unsightly mess but have you really considered the serious dangers that some spiders pose? In Hawaii, the spiders of concern are the brown violin (recluse) spider or the black widow spider! You will want to be able to recognize these bad boys right away to keep your family safe from their dangerous bite.

Tags: year round home pest control in hi  |  dangerous spiders in hawaii

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03 / 10 / 17
subterranean termites near hawaii home

Termite Awareness Week

Every year, the pest industry takes part in Termite Awareness Week. And nowhere is termite awareness more important right here in our Hawaii service area. The tropical climate gives termites everything they need to thrive. So please consider taking part in Termite Awareness Week, which falls on March 12-18 of 2017.

Tags: termite awareness week  |  termite control and prevention in hi  |  termite facts

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