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01 / 24 / 17
feral cat

Feline Aids: A Growing Concern

No one likes to think of their cat getting ill and passing away, but the threat of such an event is getting worse. Why are so many pets passing away? The answer is feline AIDS, and the risk is greater than you might expect, even if you have a healthy feline family member. If you have feral cats outside your home, the threat is more deadly than you think. The more you know about feline AIDS in the feral cats outside, the better you can protect your cats inside.

Tags: feral cat spread diseases  |  feral cat control and removal in hi

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01 / 19 / 17
commercial building with bird netting

Benefits of Bird Netting

Pest bird numbers in Hawaii are on the rise, creating a problem for home and business owners due to the damages that these birds can cause.

Tags: bird control in hawaii  |  benefits of bird netting  |  bird deterrents

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01 / 18 / 17
termite found in hawaii

2017's Most Unwanted Pest

You are at the post office mailing some letters and happen to glance over at the wall that contains numerous ‘most wanted’ posters. You see the usual suspects, those wanted for robbery, murder, and such; but then something unusual catches your eye. It’s not a person pictured on one of the posters, it’s a termite! That’s right; it’s not just common criminals that you have to protect your home and family from. You also need to protect them from the dangers and damages of termites - 2017’s most unwanted pest!

Tags: drywood termites vs subterranean termites  |  termite control and prevention in hi  |  sentricon® system with always active™

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01 / 11 / 17
pest control technician in hawaii

Phosphine Gas Is One Of Many Dangers

Understanding that pest control products can be hazardous can help you avoid dangerous situations.

Tags: home pest control in hi  |  benefits of professional pest control  |  phosphine gas

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