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08 / 22 / 17
black widow spider in hawaii home

Types Of Spiders In Hawaii

It is a well-known fact that Hawaii has a rich natural history and harbors many species of plants and animals native to our state. The beauty of our corner of the world is what attracts so many visitors and folks looking to settle here every year. Living alongside the nature that brought people here is wonderful just as long as it stays outside. Often, people and nature do not mix well. Such is the case with the number of spiders that live on our islands.

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08 / 11 / 17
bed bug after blood meal

Avoiding Bed Bugs While On Summer Vacation

Are you planning a last minute summer vacation? Perhaps you're staying in Hawaii, heading out to the mainland, or maybe you're leaving the country for a vacation abroad. In any case, no matter where you are going, you need to know how to avoid bed bugs while you are there, understand what they look like and what to do if you bring these little pests home with you.

Tags: signs of bed bugs  |  bed bug prevention tips  |  bed bug treatment options

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07 / 31 / 17
drywood termite on wooden surface

How We Combat Drywood Termites

It is never good when termites get into a home. Termites are wood eaters that have no idea they are eating away at your equity. They're just doing what they were made to do. But all of that damage is going to have to be addressed at some point. And those termites aren't going to pay for the damage--you are.

Tags: termite treatments  |  home and commercial termite control  |  drywood termite control in hi

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07 / 28 / 17
carpenter ant on water damaged wood

Types Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Cause

When most homeowners think of a highly destructive pest that can cause severe structural damage by attacking their home’s structural wood, the pest that comes to most people’s mind first is the termite; and for good reason! Wood consuming termites are certainly the insect that causes the most severe structural damages to properties. However, they aren’t the only sheriff in town so to speak, the carpenter ant ranks a close second behind them, and while they don’t actually eat the wood they are damaging, they do have the ability to cause significant damage to homes and other properties if proper measures aren’t taken to prevent and control them!

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