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06 / 14 / 17
carpenter ant

How To Identify Carpenter Ants

So, you are seeing big black ants crawling around in your home. Should you be concerned? Are these just big harmless nuisance ants, or could they be doing damage to you or your house? Here's what you need to know.

Tags: carpenter ant prevention tips  |  carpenter ant control  |  signs of carpenter ants

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06 / 06 / 17
bed bug in hawaii home

Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed Bug Awareness Week is June 4-10, so get the facts and avoid bringing these pests into your home or business. Bed bugs are increasing in number each year around the United States, and they are becoming more widespread here in Hawaii. In honor of Bed Bug Awareness Week, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions wants to help you dispel the myths and equip you with the truth about bed bugs in order to help you avoid an infestation in your Hawaii property.

Tags: signs of bed bugs  |  bed bug awareness week  |  bed bug treatment options in hi

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05 / 31 / 17
tourist taking a picture in hawaii

The Problem With Being A Tourist Destination

Being one of the world's leading tourist destinations comes with its perks. Tourists from every corner of the globe come to Hawaii with money to spend, and that is great for our economy. It is also pretty sweet that when a new attraction opens up for tourists, we get to enjoy it too. That makes living in the Aloha State a lot of fun. But, all of that tourist activity has an unfortunate negative impact as well. One negative impact is bed bugs. Here's the problem.

Tags: bed bug inspections  |  home and commercial bed bug control in hi  |  bed bug control professionals

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05 / 30 / 17
homes in hawaii

Which Pest Control Plan is Best for My Home?

There are so many pests in Hawaii and so many plans from which you can choose to get rid of them. How do you know which pest control program you should choose and whether or not it is the best one to fit your needs? With all these choices for pest control, how can you choose correctly so that you won’t have any sleepless nights wondering if pests still creep around? Let us help you decide.

Tags: premier pests protection plans  |  year round pest control in hawaii  |  benefits of year round pest control

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