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05 / 29 / 17
mosquito bite

Mosquitoes: A Year-Round Problem

Mosquitoes are a problem all over the globe; and in Hawaii, they are a year-round problem. They constantly buzz in people's ears, cause annoying reactions when they bite and can transmit some very serious diseases. Insect related human deaths are more likely to be the result of transmission of diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, Zika virus, encephalitis, and the West Nile virus by mosquitoes than any other insect. You can find more information about these mosquito-borne illnesses at the State of Hawaii Department of Health Services and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention websites.

Tags: mosquito-borne diseases  |  mosquito control and prevention in hawaii  |  year round mosquito control

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05 / 26 / 17
termite infested wood

Why Termites Are A Year-Round Threat

Every month of the year Hawaii draws thousands of visitors from all over the world who want to experience the white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and these islands that are steeped in our heritage. Tourists love a good luau and a tropical drink in January when the winter weather they are used to is quite different. They love to see where pineapples are picked and the fishermen coming in with their latest catch. It can be said that while tourists spend their two weeks absorbing everything that our islands have to offer that those of us lucky enough to live here year-round take it all for granted.

Tags: termites in hawaii  |  signs of termites  |  termite control in hawaii

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05 / 16 / 17
peacock in hawaii

What's The Problem With Peacocks?

There is no argument. Peacocks are beautiful. Their feathers have been used throughout history to bring beauty and elegance to hats, clothing, homes and businesses. And there is nothing more beautiful than a peacock with feathers unfurled to their full glory, the iridescent blue, turquoise and green are breathtaking to behold. BUT--and this is a big "but"--peacocks are not so beautiful when they are causing damages to your property, your image, and your sanity.

Tags: peacocks  |  peacock control

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05 / 09 / 17
carpenter ant in water damaged wood

What Are These Tiny Ants In The Kitchen

If you live in Hawaii, you may have noticed that there is no shortage of bugs here on the islands. And one type of insect we are all familiar with is ants. This article focuses on the three most common ants in Hawaii; pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants; the issues they bring with them, and what to do if you have an infestation.

Tags: ant prevention tips  |  year round home pest control in hi  |  common ants in hi

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