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04 / 11 / 17
carpenter ant up close

Carpenter Ants, Public Enemy Number 2

We all know that when it comes to wood-damaging pests, termites are public enemy number one. This means that every other wood-destroying pest gets immediately relegated to the position of number two, or three. But, we would like you to seriously consider avoiding this mindset when it comes to carpenter ants.

Tags: home pest control in hi  |  signs of carpenter ants  |  carpenter ant control and prevention

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04 / 07 / 17
termites common in hawaii

Termite Control You Can Depend On

When it comes to most things in life, prevention is really the best solution to any problem. This is a statement that especially rings true when it comes to a termite infestation. Trying to eliminate termites from your Hawaiian property and repair the damages that they have caused is much more costly and time-consuming than just taking the time to put in place preventative measures now! Trust us. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we know termites, and we know just how costly their damages can be!

Tags: termite control and prevention in hi  |  ground and drywood termites  |  damages caused by termites

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03 / 29 / 17
feral cat in hawaii

What Does Feral Mean?

Merriam –Webster’s online dictionary defines feral as not domesticated. So how is that different than wild?

Tags: wildlife control and removal in hi  |  dangers and damages caused by feral animals in hi

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03 / 27 / 17
residential fumigation tent

Preparing For Fumigation

Are you getting ready for fumigation of your home and need to know more about what you need to do to prepare? Look no further, you will find much of what you need to know right here.

Tags: fumigation services in hi  |  residential fumigation

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