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03 / 20 / 13
Bed Bug Dog Smelling Out Bed Bugs Inside Mattress

Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Have you been seeing little brown splotches on your bedding, or been waking up in the morning and noticing little red bites on your skin? If you have, it is very possible that you have a bed bug infestation.  These little blood sucking insects are excellent hiders; you may not ever see them, but they find you while you’re sleeping, sneakily bite you and then return to their hiding places inside picture frames, behind wall outlets and even along carpeting seams. Because they are so good at hiding, many pest control companies have learned that manual bed bug inspections by trained technicians are not always enough to track these pests down. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have turned to the amazing talents of trained bed bug dogs to help us sniff out bed bugs for our customers and have found this form of bed bug detection to be a superior way of locating any and all live bed bugs and their eggs.

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02 / 20 / 13
Bed Bugs Infest Honolulu Homes

Honolulu Bed Bug Control For Homes

While just a few years ago all of the talk was about bed bugs in hotels, today it is a different story. While bed bugs continue to show up in commercial lodgings, now places like the movie theater and even the library are becoming infested by these parasitic insects which means bed bug control in your Honolulu home is more important than ever. Since you don’t want to be a recluse to try and avoid bed bugs, it is a good idea to take advantage of Sandwich Isle’s bed bug services so that you do not risk bringing bed bugs back to your home.

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01 / 22 / 13
Bed Bugs In College Dorms

If Bed Bugs Don't Fly Or Jump, How Did I Get Them?

Bed bugs are everywhere, including right here in Honolulu and Hawaii and when people discover that they have a bed bug infestation, the most common question asked  is how did bed bugs arrive in their home.  Well since bed bugs do not fly like some insects or jump like fleas, they did not enter under their own steam through the front door.  While they do not have wings and can’t jump, they are skilled climbers and will actually crawl up high to drop down onto their target (which could be a bed, chair, person, bag etc.)  Once on an item/person, they will hitch a ride right into your home, unnoticed of course!

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06 / 14 / 12
sandwich isle pest solutions bed bug dog in honolulu hi

A Day in the Life of a K9 Scent Detection Dog

For years our K9 friends have been used for detection services. Whether it’s sniffing for drugs, missing children, or criminals, dogs have an amazing ability to detect. And now to assist the professionals in pest control, dogs are being used to identify the presence of bed bugs in homes and businesses. K9 scent detection is 98% effective and a discreet means to help control bed bugs in businesses and homes around Hawaii.

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