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04 / 02 / 12
bed bug caste skins signs of bed bugs

Honolulu Ranks 17 For Top Bed Bug Infested Cities

Think bed bugs are a thing of the past in Hawaii? We think not! In a recent ranking of the top cities most affected by bed bugs, Honolulu ranked 17. This number is up 55 places from last year which means the problem is still growing.

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03 / 22 / 12
Bed Bug Bites Are More Likely To Occur On Less Hairy People

Study Proves Bed Bugs Do Not Like Hairy Humans

Good news to all of those hairy folk in Hawaii, your chance of being bit by the bed bugs is much less! A study has been conducted that proved that bed bugs do not like hairy humans and are much less likely to bite a subject with more hair compared to those with less hair or no hair.

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