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07 / 29 / 16
mynah bird

Pest Mynah Birds in Hawaii

How can such a pretty bird be such a big problem? These lovely creatures with their vibrant yellow coloring and bright yellow legs can be pretty to look at, but what they do when they come onto your property is far from pretty.

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02 / 29 / 16
pigeons sitting next to a hawaii business

Pest Birds Causing Havoc In Hawaii

When thinking of all the pests that can wreak havoc, create unsafe conditions, and spread disease, it is possible that pest birds top the list. Their ability to fly out of reach, build nests in high places, and roost on top of buildings makes it almost impossible for the home or business owner to eradicate and implement bird control.

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02 / 26 / 13
Coming Soon

Planned Pigeonhood: Birdie Birth Control for Hawaiian Pigeon Problem

Nets. Spikes. A gel with hot pepper. The International Market Place in Honolulu’s Waikiki had tried them all, and still pedestrians at the open air mall dodged swooping pigeons, while customers dining under sunny skies had their meals ruined by droppings.

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