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07 / 20 / 17
mynah bird in hawaii

How Do I Get Rid Of Mynah Birds?

The mynah bird is a native of Southeast Asia. While many find the bird's appearance to be beautiful, it's a troublesome bird that causes problems wherever it goes! It has migrated from its homeland and can now be found all over the world, which is somewhat unfortunate, as the mynah is aggressive and fights with other birds and wildlife. In fact, mynah birds will destroy both the eggs and babies of other birds and fight with small animals including squirrels. The mynah bird can damage gardens, spread diseases to humans and animals, and be a complete nuisance. In addition to harming other animals and causing damage to crops, mynah birds are very noisy creatures.

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01 / 19 / 17
commercial building with bird netting

Benefits of Bird Netting

Pest bird numbers in Hawaii are on the rise, creating a problem for home and business owners due to the damages that these birds can cause.

Tags: bird control in hawaii  |  benefits of bird netting  |  bird deterrents

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07 / 13 / 16
building with bird control spikes

Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Control Pest Birds

When birds get into places they shouldn't be, they can cause all kinds of problems. Their droppings can cause damage to property, create a slipping hazard, and spread illness. This can contaminate food storage and outdoor dining areas. Birds can also get into machinery and damage homes and businesses. There is a long list of reasons to keep birds out of places they shouldn't be, but the focus of today's article will be on the most effect way to do it.

Tags: home and commercial bird control  |  bird deterrents  |  bird control in hawaii

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06 / 27 / 16

Proper Peacock Control In Hawaii

There is no doubt that peacocks are beautiful birds, and we agree that these birds add to the exotic beauty of Hawaii, but when peacocks and peahens get into the wrong places, they can create issues. That is why it is important to give them a nudge back to where they belong.

Tags: bird deterrents  |  home and commercial bird control in maui  |  problems caused from pest birds

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