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08 / 10 / 16
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Get Complete Protection From Pests In Hawaii

There are many small details to maintaining a home. One thing that many people try to go without or overlook is pest control services; but in reality, did you know that implementing a pest control plan is one of the best things that you can do for the health of your home and family? Pests like ants, spiders, bed bugs, centipedes, flies, rodents, fleas, termites, and many others can introduce a whole host of diseases to your family, destroy personal belongings, significantly damage the structure of your home, and/or contaminate food stored within your home. Preventing pests in your home is a necessity; and luckily, it has never been more economical or easy, especially when you team up with the pest professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions!

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05 / 28 / 13
Around The Clock Pest Control In Honolulu

Premier Pest Protection Offers Pest And Termite Control In Honolulu

For the very best in pest control in Hawaii, you want to make sure your home is protected from both termites and other common pests in HI. In many cases, regular home pest control services do not include termite control which can leave your home susceptible to costly property damages. The good news is that our Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have created a bundled pest control plan which includes both termite control and pest control all for an affordable monthly fee.

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03 / 12 / 13
Bundled Pest Control In Honolulu

Bundle Your Pest Control Services In Honolulu

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are here to make sure that you receive the very best in Honolulu pest control. We understand just how threatening pests are to your home which is why we now offer our home pest protection plus termite control as a bundled service - the Premier Pest Protection program. We will create a pest barrier around the home so that you are protected year round from the threat of common household pests and even wood destroying termites.

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