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12 / 24 / 15
feral chicken

The Chickens Are Coming

The chickens are coming!  The chickens are coming!  This seems to be the cry that is being sounded throughout the Island of Kauai and other parts of Hawaii.  Feral chickens have become a serious problem that is currently increasing at alarming rates.  These wild chickens are not just crossing the road; they are invading parking lots, congregating in forests, and even coming out onto the beaches.  To make matters worse, they are finding ample food supply by eating from garbage cans and pet food dishes that are in the yard; and some tourists visiting our area are even feeding them scraps!

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07 / 08 / 15
Feral chickens in Hawaii

The Chicken Net Gun

The Chicken Net Gun! Does this sound like something Batman would have on his utility belt? Well this little item is no joke. When it comes to battling feral chickens in Hawaii. This high-tech weapon may be the solution residents have been praying for.

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04 / 27 / 15
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KHON 2: City seeks vendor to take on wild chicken fight

For those who have a rooster to thank, or not thank, for waking them up in the morning, the city is once again moving to take on the problem. It’s been two years since the the city last paid someone to trap wild chickens. Since then, the problem has gotten worse. There’s $80,000 in the city budget for this year, and the city council is moving to add another $80,000 for next year, to tackle the problem if it can find someone willing and able to take on the task.

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05 / 01 / 14
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Feral Chickens Are Making Some Noise

Feral chickens are a real problem all across Hawaii and they are certainly making some noise!

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