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09 / 15 / 17
cockroach on dirty plate

What Is Drawing American Cockroaches To My Property?

Without even knowing it, many homeowners in Hawaii are attracting cockroaches to their homes and properties. It might just be that the cockroaches have found their way in through the cracks and crevices that are in the walls, windows and doors. It might be the leaky water pipes in the basements, kitchens or bathrooms. Or maybe it’s the crumbs that were left on the floor of their kitchen throughout the day. Cockroaches are driven by the need for shelter, water, and food. Our homes offer that and so much more, why wouldn’t a cockroach want to come in?

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12 / 24 / 16
cockroach on dirty plate

Avoid Cockroaches in Your Kitchen Pantry

You're getting ready to get your holiday baking done. You don’t want to mess around having to get rid of roaches too. In Hawaii there are 3 common types of cockroaches; American, German and Surinam.

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09 / 26 / 16
cockroach on dinner plate

Top 5 Cockroach Prevention Tips

No one in Hawaii likes having cockroaches skittering around on the kitchen floor after the lights have been turned off. But, what we don't like even more is cockroaches racing up the walls when the lights are turned back on. These are disgusting pests that can bring diseases into a home and spread bacteria around. So, we've put together this helpful list of 5 things you can do to prevent cockroach activity in your Hawaii home.

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10 / 26 / 15
cockroach in a hawaii home

Control Methods For Cockroaches In Hawaii

We have a lot of exotic creatures in Hawaii, cockroaches aren't one of them. Most of the roaches you'll find plaguing your Hawaii home are the same roaches that plague the rest of the country. The most notable being the American cockroach. As you can imagine, this chestnut-colored roach has earned its name. It can be found in almost every nook and cranny of America. But, the American cockroach is no more prolific in the United States than cockroaches named after other places in the world, like the German cockroach and the oriental cockroach (also known as the Cyprus bug). Hawaii is also blessed to have cockroaches that only live in tropical areas. Fortunately, the only tropical cockroach you'll find getting into your home is the Surinam or "burrowing" cockroach. Though the temperate weather in Hawaii allows a wide variety of roaches to live here, these invading pests can all be resisted with the same tactics.

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