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02 / 26 / 16
cockroach crawling on box of crackers

Cockroaches: Disgusting and Harmful

Nobody has ever said, "Aww, look at the cute little cockroach!" And why would they? These are just about the most disgusting-looking creatures we have on this planet, and when you add the sound of clicking bug feet across a hard floor, that's enough to make even a normally sane person shriek and jump up onto the nearest chair. Yes, there is no question that cockroaches are gross, but did you know that they are also harmful to your health and home?

Tags: cockroaches  |  reasons to be concerned about cockroaches  |  cockroach control in hi

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01 / 21 / 16
cockroach found in pantry

Hawaii Cockroach Threats

"I'm starting to see cockroaches in my home. Should I be worried?"

Tags: cockroaches  |  Cockroaches Can Cause Breathing Problems  |  reasons to be concerned about cockroaches

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03 / 11 / 15
image of a cockroach in a hawaii home

Roaches Are Not Family Friendly Guests

Do you live in the Roach Motel? Seriously, is there evidence of these critters getting into your home as guests and staying as long as they like? In your home they can find food, water and shelter. This is the perfect place for them, as far as they are concerned. This is the worst place for them to be, as far as your family is concerned.

Tags: cockroaches  |  prevent cockroaches  |  honolulu exterminators  |  get rid of cockroaches

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02 / 18 / 15
Image of a Cockroach on Fruit

The Relationship Between Kids And Roaches In Hawaii

Being a kid in Hawaii means t-shirts, shorts, and rubber slippers. It means getting the best shaved ice in the world, and exploring every nook and cranny the islands have to offer. It means thinking spam makes a pretty good dish. And, it means trips to the beach every single day. But all of that fun and adventure can be very distracting for a kid, and distraction can cause a domino effect when it comes to kids and cockroaches.

Tags: cockroaches  |  get rid of cockroaches  |  Cockroaches Can Cause Flu Like symptoms  |  Cockroaches Can Cause Breathing Problems  |  Have A Pest Professional Outline A Pest Plan

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