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08 / 24 / 16
illustration of coffee borer beetle

Treatment Center for Coffee Berry Borer in Hawaii

Coffee prices here on the Hawaiian Islands have bounced around a lot since 2010. The culprit at the core of this issue is the coffee berry borer beetle. The coffee berry borer beetle has been causing issues for coffee farms here in Hawaii since 2010. Unfortunately, these beetles are now found worldwide and are a small and destructive pest that can quickly ruin a large amount of coffee in a short amount of time.

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06 / 28 / 16
coffee berry borer illustration

Coffee Berry Borers In Hawaii

There are few bugs that strike as much fear in the heart of coffee growers like the coffee berry borer. It is estimated that this insect is responsible for nearly $500 million in coffee crop damage worldwide each year; and there is currently no treatment that will kill coffee berry borers that have already infested coffee berries. So, when these pests showed up in Hawaii in 2010, it created quite a stir. The DOA set up a quarantine zone on Big Island and mandated that all coffee beans moving off the island be treated; and the team here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions acted quickly to assist state agencies in reducing the economic impact by setting up a treatment center in Kailua-Kona.

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08 / 18 / 15
sandwich isle pest solutions

Pest Trouble In Paradise?

There are many exotic creatures that call Hawaii their home--and some that are not so exotic. These pests get into homes and businesses, damage property, damage crops, pose a danger to residents and visitors, and threaten indigenous wildlife. It isn't their fault, really. They're just doing what they were born to do. But they can't be allowed to run amok. They must be controlled. When it comes to managing bugs and wildlife, homeowners, business owners, farmers and state municipalities are turning to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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07 / 24 / 15
Coffee Beans

Federal Government Releasing $1M To Fight Coffee Berry Borers

The federal government announced in July that it will be releasing $1 million to help coffee farmers in Hawaii and Puerto Rico battle this invasive beetle. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture Chairman Scott Enright says it is not yet known how much of the money will come to Hawaii and how much will go to Puerto Rico. All money will be used for research into ways to control this pest that damages nearly $500 million in coffee crops each year worldwide. To read the article in Hawaii News Now, click here.

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