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10 / 26 / 16
pigeon near hawaii business

Benefits Of Bird Netting For Hawaii Businesses

We have a lot of birds in Hawaii. For someone who likes to watch birds, there is nearly an endless variety of species to observe. But, while birds add to the natural, exotic beauty of the state, they can present a problem for business owners when they get into the wrong places.

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09 / 28 / 16
pigeons outside hawaii business

Pest Birds Are Bad For Hawaiian Businesses

There are hundreds of species of birds throughout the Islands as anyone who lives in Maui can tell you. From the most common finch to the elegant heron, they are everywhere. From a distance, they attract hundreds of fans all looking to capture the perfect photo. It’s a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon; however, if you live here and some of these birds have taken up residence on your property, the story can be entirely different.

Tags: pest birds prevention tools  |  damages from pest birds  |  commercial bird control services

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04 / 20 / 16
feral roosters in maui

The Pest Birds of Maui

Hawaii is known for its incredible diversity of flora and fauna. That is to say that we have an amazing variety of plants and animals. They are what make Hawaii one of the most exotic vacation destinations in the world, but having a lot of animals around can sometimes be a bad thing, especially when it comes to birds.

Tags: commercial bird control services  |  pest birds on maui  |  damages from pest birds

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02 / 29 / 16
pigeons sitting next to a hawaii business

Pest Birds Causing Havoc In Hawaii

When thinking of all the pests that can wreak havoc, create unsafe conditions, and spread disease, it is possible that pest birds top the list. Their ability to fly out of reach, build nests in high places, and roost on top of buildings makes it almost impossible for the home or business owner to eradicate and implement bird control.

Tags: commercial bird control services  |  bird birth control in hawaii  |  pest bird control in hi  |  eradicate pest birds

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