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01 / 24 / 17
feral cat

Feline Aids: A Growing Concern

No one likes to think of their cat getting ill and passing away, but the threat of such an event is getting worse. Why are so many pets passing away? The answer is feline AIDS, and the risk is greater than you might expect, even if you have a healthy feline family member. If you have feral cats outside your home, the threat is more deadly than you think. The more you know about feline AIDS in the feral cats outside, the better you can protect your cats inside.

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12 / 23 / 16
feral cat roaming in alley

Avoid Feral Cats In Hawaii

You have mailed every Christmas card, shopped until you dropped, and sent in your annual donations to your favorite charities. All in all, you have every reason to feel very good about what you have accomplished this Christmas. Most of us love the giving part of this season more than we love any other time of the year. People will tend to volunteer more in their communities in food pantries or shelters, as well as collecting baskets of holiday food or gifts for children who might not get one otherwise. Because it is the holiday season, we tend to focus our energies more on helping the less fortunate. Christmas truly is a magical time of the year.

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04 / 19 / 16
house cat

What Is Feline AIDS?

Feline AIDS is an immunodeficiency virus (FIV) that works along the same lines as human AIDS.

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02 / 24 / 16
feral cat found in hawaii

Feral Cats Invade Maui

Remember the first time you looked at that tiny little kitten that just wanted to be picked up and cuddled? How about the adult cat that would rather spend the day curled up in your lap? And then there is the feral cat. Regardless of their color, size, or how cute they may look, feral cats are not of the same caliber as the affectionate, cuddly house cat.

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