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09 / 22 / 16
feral pig

Why Choose Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for your Feral Pig Removal?

Feral pigs are a problem here in Hawaii. They are a big problem. These wild swine trample across our beautiful islands wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. They devour our native vegetation, trample our undergrowth in search of food, compact the soil, and uproot young, tender plants; and they are not very careful about it. They act as a kind of wild rototiller and till the soil so harshly that it actually destroys the soil structure making it unfit to sustain natural fauna in some places. As they destroy the land, they create divots with their paws and noses that cause standing water to gather. This encourages mosquitoes to breed and their populations to grow which increases the risk to people of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses.

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10 / 30 / 15
feral pig in Hawaii

Feral Pigs In Hawaii Are Destructive And Dangerous

When thinking of the management of pests, we normally think of bugs that invade our homes, raid our kitchens and become a nuisance. Unfortunately, there are pests much larger than ants, roaches and termites present here in Hawaii, and they’re capable of inflicting significant damage. We’re talking about feral pigs and here at Sandwich Isle, we’re getting a lot of calls for help dealing with these wild beasts.


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