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09 / 03 / 15
feral pig found in hawaii

Feral pigs running wild in Hawaii

Sandwich Isle Pest Solution under the leadership of Michael Botha has taken the lead on feral hog management in Hawaii. We have made it our goal to be the number 1 predator of feral pigs in Hawaii, and we are working hard toward that goal.

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02 / 10 / 15
Image of a Feral Pig

Feral Pigs In Hawaii, Natures Rototiller

Do you remember the Rubik's Cube? You know what I'm talking about, that frustrating cube with all the bright colors on it, that was divided into 9 boxes on each side? When it was launched in 1980, most people were lucky enough to get two sides to be a solid color. And, most of us just gave up trying after a while, figuring it just wasn't doable. But there were those who were crazy enough to take on the challenge of figuring that little puzzle out. In 1981, Jury Froeschi, a native of Munich, solved the puzzle in 38 seconds. Do you know what the current world record for solving the Rubik's cube is now? 5.55 seconds.

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06 / 20 / 14
ferral pig in hawaii

Sandwich Isle's Wildlife Division Has Had Huge Success In 2014

What a great year it has been for Sandwich Isle’s Wildlife Division! With the hire of our new wildlife biologist David Steinbacker, we’ve been able to accomplish a great deal, and we’re only halfway through the year! 2014 has seen more than 100 feral pigs removed from our islands by our professionals and in one month alone, more than 2000 pest birds were captured to help protect the health and property of our clients.

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02 / 10 / 14
Coming Soon

How Feral Pigs Threaten Hawaii Properties

To learn more about feral pigs in Hawaii including feral pig removal right here in Honolulu, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today! 

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