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11 / 10 / 15
scientist researching the beginnings of the plague

Scientists Find The Plague Earlier Than Thought

We all know about the Black Death or, as some call it, the Great Plague. We may not all know the exact time frame it occurred, or that it resulted in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Europe--but we are aware that is was bad. Really bad! But, do you know that scientists didn't believe, until recently, that the plague was around earlier than 2,000 years ago? Did you also know that it is still around today? Let's take a quick look at the history of the plague, this new evidence, and what we need to know about the modern-day plague.

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07 / 12 / 12
close up of a flea found on oahu

Oahu Pest Control Pros On Preventing Flea Bites

Fleas can be a major pest problem for homeowners on Oahu and throughout Hawaii. And whether you own cats and dogs or not, fleas can find their way into your home. These tiny, biting insects who multiply rapidly are known to leave people and pets feeling miserable with bites. Thankfully, there are ways in which homeowners can prevent and control fleas from taking over.

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