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12 / 22 / 16
home being prepared for fumigation

Professionals Make Fumigation Safe

Many people fear fumigation because it relies on the use of pesticides to eliminate a pest problem, such as termites, cockroaches, or bed bugs, in homes or businesses. Fumigation is an extremely effective pest control method; and in some cases, it is the only reliable method that will completely eliminate an infestation. The professional pest control specialists from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are certified applicators specializing in fumigation in Hawaii and ensure the safe delivery of fumigation services.

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06 / 28 / 16
coffee berry borer illustration

Coffee Berry Borers In Hawaii

There are few bugs that strike as much fear in the heart of coffee growers like the coffee berry borer. It is estimated that this insect is responsible for nearly $500 million in coffee crop damage worldwide each year; and there is currently no treatment that will kill coffee berry borers that have already infested coffee berries. So, when these pests showed up in Hawaii in 2010, it created quite a stir. The DOA set up a quarantine zone on Big Island and mandated that all coffee beans moving off the island be treated; and the team here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions acted quickly to assist state agencies in reducing the economic impact by setting up a treatment center in Kailua-Kona.

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06 / 24 / 16
fumigation tent

What to Expect With Fumigation

There are times when fumigation is the best and most effective choice for pest control. Fumigation is a viable choice not just for businesses and warehouses, but for homeowners as well. Fumigants can penetrate areas that conventional products cannot, and when administered by a trained professional technician, it is a completely safe solution to pest pressures. So, what exactly can you expect when you choose fumigation services from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions? Let’s take a look.

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05 / 18 / 16
building with fumigation tent

Fumigation Could Be Right For You!

When is it a good idea to utilize fumigation services in Hawaii? Well, in a word, anytime. Anytime that you need to have your pest issues dealt with quickly, effectively, and completely. Fumigation can typically be done in a day and provides fast and complete relief from many pest issues.

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