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09 / 02 / 15
sandwich isles fumigation team

Military Project: Mission Accomplished

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions there is no job too big for our highly trained team of professional pest control agents. When given the opportunity to accomplish a huge task and support our military men and women in a big way, we jumped at the chance – confident that if they can risk so much to serve us, then we could do the same to serve them.

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07 / 24 / 15
Coffee Beans

Federal Government Releasing $1M To Fight Coffee Berry Borers

The federal government announced in July that it will be releasing $1 million to help coffee farmers in Hawaii and Puerto Rico battle this invasive beetle. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture Chairman Scott Enright says it is not yet known how much of the money will come to Hawaii and how much will go to Puerto Rico. All money will be used for research into ways to control this pest that damages nearly $500 million in coffee crops each year worldwide. To read the article in Hawaii News Now, click here.

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03 / 20 / 14
hawaii fumigation services with vikane

Vikane And Fumigation

Sometimes the only answer for a bed bug or termite problem is fumigation. If you’re like many people, you worry that fumigation is dangerous for your health, the health of your family and pets and even bad for the environment. But fumigation, when used correctly and responsibly by knowledgeable professionals, is perfectly safe. Vikane® gas fumigant is the choice product for most fumigations and it is backed by over 50 years of fumigation expertise, science and the professional fumigators that use it!

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06 / 07 / 13
Honolulu Drywood Termite Fumigations

Need A Piece Of Furniture Fumigated? We’ve Got You Covered!

Drywood termites in Honolulu can be a major threat to home and business owners. Unlike subterranean termites who form their colonies underground, drywood termites will form colonies right in sound, dry pieces of wood thus leaving your furniture and structures of the home vulnerable to costly damages from a termite infestation. In some cases our Honolulu pest control team will recommend having a fumigation done to kill all of the drywood termites and get rid of the threat of termite damages. But if you do not need the entire place fumigated, we now offer the option for pickup/delivery and chamber fumigation when just pieces of furniture need to be treated.

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