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10 / 17 / 11
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Security measures may ward off burglars hitting fumigated homes

Reported by: Olena Heu of

Published: 8/03 5:46 pm

Updated: 8/03 6:21 pm

Its been one week since a pair of suspected burglars was caught in a Makiki home that was being fumigated. 

Now local pest control companies say they're seeing an increase in requests for security.

Tags: Michael Botha  |  Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions  |  Fumigation  |  fumigation security

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08 / 31 / 11
picture of ground termites

Identifying And Treating Termites In Hawaii

Not only does Hawaii’s year round warm weather appeal to locals and tourists; unfortunately the warm, moist climate also attracts highly destructive termites

Tags: ground termites  |  drywood termites  |  termite exterminators in Hawaii  |  Sandwich Isle  |  Fumigation

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