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12 / 24 / 16
cockroach on dirty plate

Avoid Cockroaches in Your Kitchen Pantry

You're getting ready to get your holiday baking done. You don’t want to mess around having to get rid of roaches too. In Hawaii there are 3 common types of cockroaches; American, German and Surinam.

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08 / 18 / 15
sandwich isle pest solutions

Pest Trouble In Paradise?

There are many exotic creatures that call Hawaii their home--and some that are not so exotic. These pests get into homes and businesses, damage property, damage crops, pose a danger to residents and visitors, and threaten indigenous wildlife. It isn't their fault, really. They're just doing what they were born to do. But they can't be allowed to run amok. They must be controlled. When it comes to managing bugs and wildlife, homeowners, business owners, farmers and state municipalities are turning to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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03 / 11 / 15
image of a cockroach in a hawaii home

Roaches Are Not Family Friendly Guests

Do you live in the Roach Motel? Seriously, is there evidence of these critters getting into your home as guests and staying as long as they like? In your home they can find food, water and shelter. This is the perfect place for them, as far as they are concerned. This is the worst place for them to be, as far as your family is concerned.

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02 / 18 / 15
Image of a Cockroach on Fruit

The Relationship Between Kids And Roaches In Hawaii

Being a kid in Hawaii means t-shirts, shorts, and rubber slippers. It means getting the best shaved ice in the world, and exploring every nook and cranny the islands have to offer. It means thinking spam makes a pretty good dish. And, it means trips to the beach every single day. But all of that fun and adventure can be very distracting for a kid, and distraction can cause a domino effect when it comes to kids and cockroaches.

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